The same happened with sports giant, Decathlon, which saw 123 million records leaked. Then, more than five billion records were exposed after another Elasticsearch database was left unprotected. Surprisingly, it contained a massive database of previously breached user information from 2012 to 2019.

elasticsearch consulting services

With BigData Boutique your Elasticsearch cluster is precisely the right number of nodes and the right type of hardware. Often clients don’t know what product they need, but do know the results they want. Our job is to help define the product and develop optimal solutions to get those results. Whether upgrading an existing code or creating a new one, the most important expertise we offer is a proven approach to mitigating risk and containing costs. Choose to deploy your clusters in a dedicated environment on hosts exclusive to you.

Elevate Your Elasticsearch Experience with Nextbrick’s Expert Consulting Services

Our large-scale expense management client needed to upgrade their Elasticsearch from version 2.3.4 to 7.9. This large leap between versions is already a difficult upgrade but was made more complicated as the client has a very complex Elasticsearch system. Softjourn developed a comparison tool to ensure the accuracy of the upgraded search before the client launched the product to their users. With the tool, they were able to make sure there would be no disruption to their users’ search experience during and after the upgrade. For nearly two decades, Softjourn has been building brilliant tech solutions for clients in Finance, Ticketing, and Media & Entertainment, so we understand exactly what is needed to have an edge over the competition in these industries.

Ever since it hit the web in 2010, Elasticsearch has been one of the best options for any business looking to boost their search engine capabilities. Anna has over 20 years in the security industry and has helped some of the largest organisations in the world to successfully execute enterprise-wide security transformation projects. For the past five years Anna has focused exclusively on helping companies harness the full potential of the new data-centric security model. As such, it is important to realize that in the case of Elasticsearch, just because a product is freely available and highly scalable doesn’t mean you can skip the basic security recommendations and configurations. Furthermore, given the fact that data is widely hailed as the new gold coinage, demand for monetising up-to-date data has never been greater.

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Let us help you develop and deploy high performance and continually available solutions with limitless scale. All the tools that we offer to our clients are initially developed for internal use to make our work with customers more professional and efficient. Our team of world-renowned experts is available for 24/7 dedicated Elasticsearch support to ensure the stability and performance of your cluster. Let us be your secret ingredient for better service and customer experience. Our experts act as a dedicated support team, available on Slack, Teams, email and other communications channels to make sure you get immediate response on times when you need it.

Elasticsearch is a cloud-based service, but businesses can also use Elasticsearch locally or in tandem with another cloud offering. Giovanni Tummarello explores a plug-in for Elasticsearch that adds cluster distributed joins and demonstrates how it enables an exciting array of use cases dealing with interconnected or “Knowledge Graph” enterprise data. Thanks to these capabilities, and a lightweight semantic modeling layer, at frontend level, this allows you to move from simple drilldowns to relational drilldowns and also get network and link analysis. As a result, Elasticsearch can be used to address at very large scale much higher-value use cases in cybersecurity, fraud detection, law enforcement, intelligence, and life sciences. Support for ALL versions of Elasticsearch, both free and premium Elasticsearch.

Hankotrade: Empowering Traders with Exceptional Features

Each member of our team is a world-class expert that was carefully scrutinized, selected, and trained by Itamar himself in order to ensure the highest quality and service in the market. Along with industry best practices, our clients can take full advantage of their solutions – from enterprise search to logging and analytics. At BigData Boutique, we are deeply committed to solving complicated challenges. We put no restriction on your data types unlike others do, because we are capable of handling any data type with equal efficiency; whether it is unstructured, structured, geodata, numbers of text.

Consultative and hands-on deployment services for Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud environments, including installation, configuration, orchestration using Elastic modules for Puppet/Ansible/Chef, and/or upgrading of the Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud. We have worked with numerous organizations across the globe to provide expert consulting and implementation for Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. We survey clusters, index configurations, and queries, while analyzing your business requirements and code to determine the best route for your organization. Our expert consulting includes a detailed report that highlights risks, issues, wins, and prioritizes action items to improve your search experience. Our goal is to ensure that your organization gets the most out of your open search solution.

Get the Most Out of Your Data with Elasticsearch

This includes access logs for, for example, GDPR compliance, metric data from an IT environment, or log data generated by a machine park. From document- and field-level security to detecting anomalies using machine learning, Elastic delivers powerful features (built and maintained by Elastic engineers) that readily extend what’s possible with Elasticsearch and Kibana. Opster’s solutions go beyond infrastructure management, covering every aspect of your search operation.

  • Elasticsearch is an open-source, powerful, scalable, and real-time search technology.
  • As such, it is important to realize that in the case of Elasticsearch, just because a product is freely available and highly scalable doesn’t mean you can skip the basic security recommendations and configurations.
  • Elasticsearch is the most popular and widely deployed open-source search engine for all types of structured and unstructured data, including textual, numerical, and geospatial.
  • Description
    Consultative and deployment services focused on your Elastic Endgame solution, including installation, protection policy design, sensor deployment, integration assistance (SSO, SIEM, LDAP), MITRE ATT&CK™ mapping, and knowledge transfer.
  • Profit making enhancements and specialized support by Qavi Technologies is available along with the seamless implementation and affordable cost.

So, if this is the case, then there is clearly a poor understanding of the Elasticsearch security features and what is expected from organizations when protecting sensitive customer data. This could derive from the common misconception that the responsibility of security automatically transfers to the cloud service provider. This is a false assumption and often results in misconfigured or under-protected servers. When the core work on Elasticsearch integration or optimization is done, we are happy to continue our collaboration and make sure your site search is up and running as your business continues to scale. Depending on the findings from the Discovery and Technical audit steps we’ll provide you with the Elasticsearch capacity planning and integration/optimization strategy. We’ll create a roadmap for the project and create a prioritized backlog with further improvements.

Software Development

Leverage Softjourn’s extensive expertise to harness the full power of Elasticsearch and provide your users with a seamless experience. Cazton has been a pioneer in Big Data Consulting and in addition to using Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Scala, Elasticsearch is widely used by our big data specialists. Big Data analytics, which has become one of the most booming fields in technology, is now closely related to Elasticsearch. Description
Named Embedded Engineer («EE») allocated to a customer on an annual basis to provide ongoing operational and administration services on Elastic products.

elasticsearch consulting services

And then securely connect to your dedicated VPC using peering options, such as AWS PrivateLink, without having to go over the wire. Elasticsearch is a robust distributed system that is usually available and responds quickly. Nevertheless, it is always good practice to plan ahead for a rainy day – it could be a network issue, a node shutdown, an out of memory error, or any other of the many scenarios where some of the nodes, or even an entire cluster, stop being available. The best practices section covers correct cluster architecture, optimized settings for performance, ways to avoid data loss, and how to achieve best resiliency, availability and data recovery. In this section, we review the current cluster architecture and settings, and provide the best practices gathered over the years by our world-wide ES experts. Following these best practices would help you prevent pitfalls that are commonly known and advised against.

Elevating Your Elasticsearch Experience: Next Brick’s Expert Consulting & Support

Given the limited duration of this package, we recommend a longer Deployment services package for sophisticated deployment needs and large datasets. Deploy Elasticsearch for various business use cases, from enterprise search and public website search, to log analytics and elasticsearch consulting services security applications. Regardless of whether an organization has a thousand or a billion discrete pieces of information, by using Elasticsearch, they have the capabilities to search through huge amounts of data, running calculations with the blink of an eye.

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