For obvious reasons, this can lead to a feeling of desperation and helplessness. Maybe you’ll want to practice your commute back to the office in the days leading up to your return, in case you think the commute might trigger your anxiety. Strengthening social connections is a good way to combat loneliness and establish your place within your social circles. You may even want to consider online support groups to connect you with people who relate to your situation. One symptom of depression is losing interest in the things you used to enjoy. If you feel like your current hobbies don’t bring a smile to your face or satisfaction to your hands and heart, this is the time to look into something new.

  • But, as time goes on, it can become harder and harder to stay positive and hopeful, and it can ultimately lead to negative feelings and even job depression.
  • We all get anxious when we’re looking for a new job or a change in career.
  • Navigating the big bad world comes with its fair share of obstacles for college graduates.
  • Talking about your issues– such as your job hunt– with likeminded people can both motivate you and show you that you are not alone.

The feelings of anxiety and inadequacy that Adrian speaks about are a common fallout from long-term job hunting. While in a depressed state, your mind lies to you and tells you that you have no skills, no talent, and that you have nothing to contribute. Naturally, such feelings are going to hinder your ability to appear confident in interviews and market yourself.

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Job-search depression sets in and, if left unattended, can lead to negative consequences. Take care of your physical and emotional health, seek social support and focus on what you can control. Summon up the strength to get up when knocked down, brush yourself off and forge ahead, knowing there will still be headwinds. In preparation for his job search, Steven set his sights on the Big Apple, perfecting his résumé and cover letter as he finished up his college degree. While post-grad stress is a common phenomenon among college students, Steven’s depression had an even more significant impact on his job application process. “Every time I applied for a job, I felt massive anxiety because I knew there was someone on the other side reading my resume.

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Be sure to take time for yourself and focus on self care and doing some of the things that you enjoy. If you focus solely on your job hunt and your prospects, your feelings are much more so tied to your job and can, in turn, affect your psyche and motivation. If you’re in the weeds of the job hunt, you may find yourself experiencing fatigue and even job hunting depression.

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Meditation should be implemented into your life as a continued practice, as studies have shown that meditation practices have a greater effect when incorporated into your life regularly. You can also try to find a new community of those who are in the same situation that you are in, whether through a support group or on social media. Talking about your issues– such as your job hunt– with likeminded people can both motivate you and show you that you are not alone. Not sticking to a regular sleep schedule– whether this means that you are sleeping too much or too little– can not only cause depression, but can actually hinder you in your job search as well. You will want to be sure to stick to your sleep schedule so that your body is able to properly rest and recharge.

Protecting our mental health is key in this transformatory stage of life, and with September being National Suicide Prevention Month, we’re shedding light on one young graduate’s mental health story. “I’m up by 10am and I set myself mini-goals, such as find three jobs to apply for in the morning and apply for three in the afternoon. Michelle, who wanted to remain anonymous, lost her job as a receptionist last summer.

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