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Although not all HOAs have financial audits, some state laws require HOAs to prepare audited financial statements if their revenue is more than a certain amount. Clearly, a community association should strive for a clean opinion or, if necessary, a qualified opinion. The third scenario—a disclaimer—usually occurs when the client organization or the circumstances surrounding the audit restrict the CPA’s ability to collect sufficient evidence to form an opinion.

  • Some HOA bylaws require yearly audits, while others only require one every three or so years.
  • If you’re wondering exactly how HOA audits work, if they’re necessary and when to plan one, read on to learn more.
  • The FASB rejected the notion that CIRAs should not recognize common
    property as assets.
  • If an association is considering having an audit or review done for their 2022 records (work to be done in 2023) the time to obtain bids and select a CPA is now (Jan – April 2022).
  • These audits are the ones for complying with state laws or the association’s own bylaws.
  • The bylaws should state how often the association should conduct an audit and how often it should conduct a review.

These documents are legally binding based on the implied contractual agreement as a homeowner member of the community. Therefore, it is very important that prospective buyers carefully review the terms of each of these documents because buyers will be contractually bound by them once they acquire ownership of the property. The interest capitalized as a percentage of each of the above eight
bases was computed for each firm in the sample. These means provide
surrogates for the materiality thresholds used by the group as a whole. The mean percentages provide an indication of the materiality levels of
interest cost being capitalized by the profession as a whole. As such,
they can be used as general guidelines for evaluating the materiality of
capitalizable interest.

Step 1: Opening Meeting and Introduction

Most associations are incorporated as a non‑stock corporation under the Virginia statutes. You should ask your accountant to calculate your taxes both ways each year and choose the filing method that minimizes the tax liability. A reserve study is an examination conducted by a reserve specialist, consultant or accounting hoa accounting firm for the purpose of analyzing any probable long-term expenses. The reserve analysis is then used to estimate the association’s reserve needs as accurately as possible. The use of reserve funds is generally at the discretion of the Board, unless the governing documents require membership approval.

It gives you a complete look at your HOA’s net worth, including how much money you have in your bank account. Now that you know why you need an HOA audit, take the association’s financial pulse. Whether the results are good or disheartening, consult with the professionals, and decide what needs to be done to establish and maintain a healthy financial posture. With a comprehensive HOA audit, the board is getting more than just a complete overview of its current finances. It is also providing prospective home buyers a supporting document that will help lenders come to a decision.

Familiarize Yourself With State Laws

It might also be a good idea to perform an audit after the election period when new board members come in. This is to ensure that the new board doesn’t inherit financial issues and it’ll rule out the possibility of mishandling funds. Financial statement audits are typically based on a financial reporting framework such as Generally https://www.bookstime.com/ Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). This means that a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) will use the GAAP framework to review an association’s financial statements and make sure that they adhere to these standards. Gary Porter CPA has more than 30 years of HOA auditing and consulting experience, serving associations since 1976.

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