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Since 1946, Erie Community College has met the needs of a diverse student body while contributing to the economic vitality of Western New York. As a member of the state’s SUNY system, the three-campus college provides flexible, affordable and accessible educational programs in an accommodating academic environment. Equipped with the knowledge of these programs, ECC’s faculty, staff and students strive to enrich their host communities through skill, service and partnership. A Century College education is a great investment in your future.

How do you do good online college courses?

  1. Create a schedule and manage your time wisely. Keep a semester and a weekly calendar.
  2. Stay organized and be thorough. Have a designated study space that is free of distractions so you can focus on your work.
  3. Remain engaged throughout the whole course.
  4. Take care of yourself.
  5. Know where to turn for help.

ECCC will have around 20 faculty members this fall, a number that will grow as demand for classes grows. All faculty members meet national standards required for teaching at the ECCC, according to ECCC officials. The majority of general education courses can be taken online. ECCC has partnered with Barnes & Nobles to provide access to textbooks needed for some classes. A dual enrollment program will be available for some courses.

Introduction to the Biotechnology of Cannabis Science

ECCC has made articulation agreements with local colleges and universities to ensure that a student’s credits will transfer. Environmental Biology requires 1 and recommends 2 semesters of physics. Certain graduate/professional programs (e.g. medical, veterinary schools) generally require two semesters of calculus-based physics. PH280+PH281 & PH282+PH283 will fulfill the program requirements and are recommended for students planning on graduate programs. Online Degree Completion programs enable students who have already started their undergraduate degree to finish their degree online.


Find yourself in a rapidly expanding health care sector with possibilities to engage in educational outreach activities. Gannon’s Erie campus in the heart of downtown is central to businesses and organizations providing project and internship experiences. Enjoy a vibrant urban entertainment scene and Lake Erie beaches all within a two-hour drive of Cleveland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh. He’s currently working as a machine operator in an apprentice program at Innovize, a medical manufacturing company in St. Paul. Century College offers an additional start date for Spring Semester – Session III begins March 20, 2023. The Continuing Education and Customized Training department can help you to get ahead in your career by offering a variety of non-credit workforce training and development opportunities.

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Online students access some or all of the course material and participate in course activities over the Internet. Students can work from any Internet connected computer to complete assignments and interact with other students and the instructor. The Southtowns location of programs offered exclusively at South Campus may change over time depending on demand, according to SUNY Erie. Gannon’s Ruskin location, between Tampa and Bradenton, is the perfect combination of livable and beautiful.


“I wanted to work on my skills to become the best in my profession.” Alum Ella DeVine has always wanted to be a First Responder. A former Century College Post-Secondary Enrollment Options and Northeast Metro 916 student, Ella has a strong drive and work ethic—it’s in her genes. Your representative is here to answer all your partnership benefit questions and to help you get started at Excelsior. Learn about the Excelsior University scholarship fund available to Phi Theta Kappa members who have graduated from one of our academic partner institutions. Erie Community College – Certificate in Accounting Technician is an online school located in Buffalo, NY. To get the best user experience please use a supported browser.

Tips for succeeding as an online student

All students, faculty and staff have unlimited access to the vast library of high-quality and current video tutorials taught by top industry leaders. Udemy for Business offers videos for all skill levels that can be viewed a few minutes at a time or longer. Century College offers transferable general education options along with affordable tuition rates, which will save you thousands on your bachelor’s degree. Excelsior University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

  • It also provides high-skills training for those already in the workforce and an opportunity to advance in their careers.
  • Gannon’s distance programs provide flexible and current educational opportunities to expand your career options.
  • Set aside time to meet some small goals leading up to that (google the «chunking method» for more details on this).
  • As you need to do in all courses, you’ll need to keep track of assignment due dates.
  • At Century College, you can choose from a variety of career and technical programs leading directly to employment as well as courses designed to transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

ECCC is an open-access institution of higher learning and admission is guaranteed to all Erie County residents over 18 years old, high school graduates or GED holders. At SUNY Empire, you’ll get a faculty mentor who will guide and support you from Day One to graduation. Your mentor is a trusted advisor who will help you develop your degree encourage you and give you access to the resources you need to succeed. Remember your teacher may be teaching five different CMS 101 classes, with 25 students each.

Find resources for determining if online classes are right for you. With ECC’s online degree and certificate programs, you can learn online anytime. Classes are fully online and asynchronous, meaning no set class times and no face-to-face sessions are required. Online programs are perfect for students balancing work, family commitments, or other outside responsibilities. Fully online undergraduate degrees are programs where students can complete their degree online from start to finish.

  • The college will «teach out» students currently enrolled in the programs and new students with an interest in the programs will be able to enroll in related programs.
  • ECCC has made articulation agreements with local colleges and universities to ensure that a student’s credits will transfer.
  • The only mistake you can make is to think you can keep all of your online class requirements and everything in your life straight without some structure.
  • Usually, this is Word or PDF, but be mindful of your google Docs access setting.
  • All faculty members meet national standards required for teaching at the ECCC, according to ECCC officials.
  • You are not required to take all of your classes online if your learning preferences change.

Lose any expectation that you will be able to sit back passively. At the same Online Courses From Erie Community College, information is neatly presented to you, as you might find in some on-campus lecture classes. Online classes will make you a better problem solver, learner, and critical thinker, but only if you approach your classes to understand that you are responsible for your experience. Critical thinking involves evaluating evidence, making connections between ideas, concepts, and the real world, and arriving at conclusions that produce intended results. Critical thinking will make you successful in classes, work, and life.

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