Bookkeeping Services in Irvine

Bookkeeping, and all things related to the finance department, are our passion, and we love teaching others. Enjoy unparalleled expertise in the OC bookkeeping industry. We bill for the contractor according to the contractor’s request based on accuracy and promptness so that the contractor can receive the payment on time. I look forward to working with David again as my business grows and requires more professional help. We are diligent & careful with all numbers and reports you’ll utilize to make informed financial decisions.

Save time by having our full-time dedicated bookkeepers handle the recording of the daily transactions so you can focus on your business. As a local Irvine, CA CPA Firm our office is conveniently located and we offer personal service at competitive rates. Our incorporation services for new businesses include advising you on the best entity and developing a practical business plan. We can also show you how to secure financing for your new venture.

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As certified Sage accounting professionals, we utilize tools like to manage your accounts payable and efficiently handle your business needs. Wealth management, budgets and tax services geared toward high net worth individuals. Terri began as an executive secretary at the regional sales office of an insurance company. C3Workplace is the best place to find a virtual bookkeeping assistant in Irvine, CA!

For example, many residents have mortgage payments and other ownership-related expenses that can complicate their tax situation. Other problems include the complexity of calculating capital gains taxes, taking advantage of available credits and deductions, or understanding changes in the tax code from year to year. In order to avoid costly mistakes or missed opportunities, it is important for residents to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in federal and state tax law. Furthermore, obtaining assistance from a qualified accountant is often advised as they may provide valuable guidance on filing accurately and gaining access to any available benefits or credits. Our goal is to assist business owners with cost accounting needs, specializing in Construction Accounting with a focus on QuickBooks and Sage 100 Contractor. At Irvine Construction Bookkeeping Services, our specialists are certified in both programs, holding accounting degrees, and providing top-quality service from experienced professionals.

Accounting Matters

We even welcome small businesses that need accounting services! Our goal as your Orange County based accountant is to save you money. We see ourselves as your partner and consistently deliver services that save more money than is spent on our fee.

What is the bookkeeping rate per hour UK?

The average bookkeeper salary in the United Kingdom is £26,000 per year or £13.33 per hour. Entry level positions start at £23,385 per year while most experienced workers make up to £32,086 per year.

We attentively listen to our clients with the expertise & work hard to help you succeed financially. Get updated financial data, reconciled transactions, & real-time reports for optimal insights and growth.


Office employs 3 FT Bookkeepers who are comfortable working remotely and in-office. Please log-in to your account for immediate access including the ability to download the Practice Profile pdf and update your distance preference. Since 2008, our firm has helped keep the financial records in order for businesses and practices of all sizes, allowing them to flourish.

What is included in full charge bookkeeping?

The term "full charge" means that these bookkeepers manage all of the business's accounting needs. Besides the typical task of maintaining the business ledger, these bookkeepers prepare financial statements and tax returns, record complex transactions and process timesheets and payroll.

We see your pursuit of our firm as an investment where we need to perform services that provide you with a positive return. If you are looking for a dedicated small business consultant and accountant in Orange County please give us a call or complete our web form for a free consultation. Our professional and experienced expert team of accountants will work with you to address any and all of your tax, sales tax, accounting, bookkeeping services, and business management concerns.

Financial Services Related to Tax Planning in Irvine, CA

With the assistance of our bookkeeping services, clients have the freedom to focus on other important areas of their business instead of having to invest vast segments of time in keeping track of their general ledgers. If managing your accounting and bookkeeping is making you too busy to focus on your core business, something has to change; it’s time to outsource. At Duner and Foote, we offer outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services that allow you to get back to what you really want to be doing, building your business.

Bookkeeping Services in Irvine

With their extensive experience with the IRS and other agencies, they can help resolve any confusion or disputes that may arise during the filing process. Tax services providers also offer advice on how to reduce your taxes over time, as well as strategizing optimal investments for both short-term and long-term savings. Finally, they will keep all records confidential while making sure information is kept secure throughout the entire process.

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Whether your business is large or small, just starting out or established, we’ll create a package of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services that’s right for you. We provide affordable, prompt and proactive solutions, and we work together with you to help you to realize your aims, both for business and personal tax responsibilities. Depending on their individual tax situation, taxpayers may also need to provide home mortgage documents and records of charitable donations made during the year. To ensure accurate filing and accuracy in numbers reported to the IRS, taxpayers should also bring along relevant pay stubs and other financial records if available.

Bookkeeping Services in Irvine

Overall, hiring a tax services provider offers several advantages to Irvine residents who want their taxes taken care of properly and in a timely manner. A reliable tax service provider in Irvine, CA should be highly experienced in the field of taxation and familiar with the laws governing local, state, and federal taxation. They must keep up to date with the ever-changing regulations and Bookkeeping Services in Irvine possess an intimate understanding of the nuances of tax code. Additionally, they should maintain a high level of integrity when handling confidential personal financial information. Professionalism is also essential; they should be friendly, courteous, and punctual. Furthermore, their fees should be reasonable and transparently stated upfront so you understand what you’re paying for.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping

Construction Bookkeeping and Accounting services in Irvine offer expert financial management for your construction company. We specialize in Construction Bookkeeping services, using Sage 100 Contractor for accurate financial reporting and providing customized monthly financial reports. We specialize in job costing, estimating project costs and managing outflows.

Finally, a good tax service provider will always provide peace of mind that your taxes are being taken care of by an expert. With a knowledgeable and experienced virtual bookkeeping staff, Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor team members, and an arsenal of intelligent virtual bookkeeping solutions, our team can help you get your business on track. You’ll never have to worry about missing a payment again with our industry-leading virtual bookkeeping assistants by your side. We take care of everything for you, so just relax while they do the work (and get paid)! Working on over 150 accounts per month, we’ve saved our clients hundreds of hours of their time. Our certified specialists in Sage and QuickBooks are experts in construction accounting services using Sage 100 Contractor in Irvine, CA.

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Terri has had many jobs over the years, full time & part time, but she found a home within C3Workplace. She’s been part of the team for over seven years in various capacities – from filing to administrative to bookkeeping work. During all phases of her employment here, Donna & the C3 staff have always made me feel part of this wonderful family. Fill out the form below to request more information about our virtual business support services. Choose what you need from our menu of available bookkeeping (and business advisory) services.

  • Make your life easier by embracing our skilled tax prep, filing, and year-round tax advisory support.
  • Call-in tax help lines are also accessible for those who need assistance with their returns or have questions about filing status.
  • Working on over 150 accounts per month, we’ve saved our clients hundreds of hours of their time.
  • Three of the largest sectors include business and professional services, technology, and finance/insurance/real estate.
  • Additionally, they can aid in obtaining maximum deductions by finding deductions that may have been overlooked or unfamiliar to the taxpayer.

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